Safety tips:


Safety comes first. It is important for us to have a safe environment within our community. We want you to be safe when you are using our service. There are some basics, what you have to keep in mind when you travel or meet travelers.


  • Be open minded. It is necessary to get to know a new culture and have fun. Traveling is about fun and new experiences.


  • Trust your senses. Instincts are very powerful guides when it comes to personal safety. You should check the profile of the people you are going to meet; have a conversation and share your ideas. We would like you to have good experiences but you shall still be aware that there might be some people who is not searching for your best interest. If you feel like that just stop the communication and report us for help. If there is a criminal case, you must contact local authorities and police immediately without hesitation.


  • Be prepared about the local culture and traditions.  It is good to be an explorer, locals appreciate  that you get some knowledge about their culture and traditions. Do some research on the travel destination: culture, tradition and public holidays. You do not need to be an expert, but be aware of certain things. It makes your travel experience richer and it is a good starting point for a conversation.  It is also important in safety matter that you do not violate the culture and traditions without knowing it.


  • Communication. Communication is the key for a great travel experience or guiding as a local. Use the database to get connected with locals or guides. Messaging system is available to connect to each other. Join the groups and get more information about your destination or the event of interest. In terms of safety and communication we recommend you to be clear with your communication. In this way it is easier to avoid misunderstandings. Also check the profiles of the people and reference system that you are going to meet.


  • Feedback and recommend CityZee. We trust you and your opinion is important for us. You are welcome to send us your feedback about our platform. We would like to create  friendly environment where critics and recommendation is building up a better community. If you find the web page useful, please invite your friend and recommend us in social media.


  • Report abuse or negative experiences. Your safety and comfort is very important for us. If you have any bad experience with members or witnessed abuse of the platform, please get in touch with us and our safety team will take the case immediately to solve the problem.